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Welcome to the family

Welcome to GHN

We’re an innovative and fully independent sports and lifestyle nutrition brand that creates entirely bespoke formulas, backed up by the knowledge and expertise of professional athletes and sportspeople, to deliver exceptional protein powders, vitamins and minerals, and meal replacement products that outperform many of the leading brands.

How we started

We were founded by Grant Hodnett, a ex-professional cricketer, who noticed that although the market was crowded, there was a gap for a brand that catered not just to the pros, but also to the yous and mes of the world; people who have lifestyle goals they’d love to achieve, but might not know where to start or how to begin. That’s where GH Nutrition steps in.

Why GHN?

We work tirelessly to deliver professional quality products to everybody, no matter what goal you’d like to achieve. So, whether you’re a pro, somebody who loves keeping in shape, somebody who has an active lifestyle, or a complete beginner, we can support you.

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