3 Simple Tips To Stay Motivated

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It’s 6:00am and the 'Radar' alarm tone is ringing out on your phone. Its dark and cold. You’re gonna hopefully wake up, push the dismiss button, get up, have a protein shake, maybe a banana and then on your way for a run or off to the gym for a session… wait? What? You’re not canceling the snooze button? You rolled straight back over to the other side? You didn’t run or gym today? But seriously, motivation is an important aspect of life, work and especially exercise. Sometimes we lack planning, forethought and even energy, it’s just human to do these things when you don’t mean to. However, what if we told you that there are some very small, nimble steps you can take to pushing your motivation back in the right direction? Don’t believe us? Read a little more and see for yourself.

1.Try not to burn the candle at both ends

Many people think that part of living a hard-working routine life, is that you can NEVER rest, sleep is for the weak, less snoozing more boozing, etc. But we can literally guarantee that if you got up at 6am, did your morning routines, completed your day at work, then came home and partied with your friends until past midnight, you probably won’t feel great the next day and that is where the motivation problems lie.


2.Find a motivated friend

The greatest thing about humanity is the fact that most friendships are very diverse, and no two people are that alike, which is why if you’re a person who becomes demotivated easily, perhaps having a friend or family member who finds motivation out of nowhere is key and I can guarantee you have one in your tight-knit circle somewhere. These people can seem like hard-work at times because they are always wanting to do something and they often act on impulse, which is exactly what you need when you find yourself questioning “Can I be bothered?”.


3.Strike-up friendly competition

Got friends who go to the gym, or want to start going to the gym but you’re all lacking a bit of get up and go motivation? Try making a friendly competition out of it. For example, if you do 50 reps squatting, see if your friend can do 51. Everyone knows about that kind of harmless fun that just goes down well between us all. We recommend creating Whatsapp groups, Facebook groups or investing in exercise training tools like My Fitness Pal, My Zone, Fitocracy, Map My Fitness where you can take turns in creating monthly challenges with rewards.

Whilst we are here still, you know what gives you a bit more capability and motivation?

Protein! Protein is what makes you feel stronger and more full of energy when you’re doing a work out and keeps the majority moderate aches and pains down to background level whilst you get on with your workout. But what about those people who dislike the taste or texture of protein shakes? Well we actually have protein protein powders which are deliciously flavoured & mix well with either water, milk or almond milk. They are also low-sugar, so you can comfortably put them away and not compromise your diet! check out our GHN Protein range HERE.

3 Simple Tips To Stay Motivated

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