Jenny Babb


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Full Name: Jenny Babb

Professions: GHN Sponsored Athlete | Personal Trainer

Bio: Jenny is based in Staffordshire, is a certified Personal Trainer and a recruitment consultant.
Jenny has always been hugely passionate about sports, health and fitness. She has excelled in horse riding, dancing, and athletics, competing & performing over the country from a young age. Despite the love for sport, she hasn’t always had a healthy relationship with food; in the past she would drastically restrict calories and over do it on cardio, to feel deflated and end up on a binge and incur a yo-yo diet cycle.

3 years ago she was introduced to weight training and was instantly hooked. It made her feel confident, get in the best shape of her life, develop a healthy relationship with nutrition and the yo-yo dieting finally stopped.

Finding a love for making herself feel good, she qualified as a personal trainer to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. Nothing makes her happier than seeing clients progress.

She is running her first half marathon this year and is keen to compete on stage in a bikini competition next year so there is plenty to keep striving for and lots of challenges ahead.

Jenny is extremely excited to be representing GHN as the products are the best on the market, the team culture is amazing and she is thrilled to be a part of it.

About GHN

GH Nutrition was founded in 2015 by an ex-professional sportsman Grant Hodnett and is based in Warrington, Cheshire, UK. Whether it's better nutrition, a healthier lifestyle, or that next big competition, GHN is the ultimate in providing the products you need to achieve your physical performance and results. 


"The products are great and there's nothing better than a GHN Whey protein shake after a tough session - especially during the gruelling weeks of pre-season!" 

Helen Ward, Watford LFC & Wales