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Happy New Year It's 2021, we all thankfully made it through what has undoubtedly been one of the toughest years.

In January, Its always the same old clique “New Year, New Me” – that’s great but our questions to those reading this… Why choose January? Why always the start of a new year to do something about your fitness and health? And what has changed in the last 12 months?

One thing we know that has changed is that we have been faced with a world health pandemic and crisis and that one of the best medicines is not just a vaccine but “regular” exercise.

In our first blog of 2021 GHN talks in depth and gives professional first-hand experiences about those of us who stay the 12 month journey of fitness and those who sadly don’t. We have partnered up with Strength, Fitness And Health Magazine to pass on some useful tips. Also, we speak about why its vital for your own mental well-being to exercise regularly.

January is always an exciting time in people’s lives. A new year and potentially a new start for everyone – a second chance. You could be starting an exciting new job; you could be getting married this year or like many people you could be starting a new fitness and health regime. Why is January so important? Why is January so special? Surely just another number ticks over on the years and we all get another year older sadly?

Its fascinating to see people pin January up as a starting point for their health and fitness and I totally get it, you’ve overindulged in December and you want to start the year as you mean to go on. Sadly, national statistics will show many who start wont continue and give up after the 1st 4 weeks of trying to improve their fitness, health and bodies. We all want to look good and feel-good right?

So why stop? And what can you do to not fall into the trap of giving up? Here is some useful advice that will hopefully help you for the next 12 months and beyond. Remember fitness and being fit is a journey – not a destination.

You are all probably wondering now, what can you do to lose motivation or not be a stereotypical “One Monther”. Here are 5 ideas we hope will significantly help turn you into a “Twelve Monther”

1.Set Yourself A Realistic Challenge - Don’t just attend “Weight Watchers” there are plenty of physical activities to get involved in these days. Remember no excuses. If you don’t try you will never know right?

2.Change It Up -  If you tired of the same gym, the same activities and the same online following then its quite simple – change it up and turn your focus to something new which can be quiet exciting. We have learnt there is no limit to exercise and to continuously broaden your horizons.   


3.Be Accountable To Yourself - This is in no way to pressurise you or make you anxious but if you do manage to lose focus then get back on it the next day, the next week or the next month, any longer the harder it becomes. Reaching out to people who can and will help you get back on track are qualified fitness professionals – its their job, their passion and they will also hold you accountable.

4.Stop Comparing - Ladies stop looking at these fitness influencers and comparing yourself. Your DNA structure is different and so should be your focus. Gents stop looking at the latest marvel workouts, you can create your own physical destiny by doing things patiently and thoroughly.

5.Invest More In Your Fitness - We all like buying things that we feel we need, that’s fine , a question we are going to ask you… will you still be using those items in 6 months’ time? What do you really need? You need a healthy, stronger, fitter, sexier body for many reasons. Put aside a monthly budget to “Invest” in your body. Don’t just invest for 1 month or 6 months. Trust us you wont regret putting £50.00 a month aside to help you stay motivated and focused on your fitness journey. It could be new trainers, a new fitness gadget, better nutrition, some home workout equipment, a fitness holiday, or a fitness event. We are all happy to spend £50.00 on a night out so why not spend it on something more beneficial?

Over the past 10 months we have come to realise how important fitness and being fit is to many of us. When we couldn’t use the gym’s, play sports and participate in any fitness events we all suffered some form of mental disintegration.

Many of us take fitness for granted and being physically able to exercise becomes repetitive. As fitness professionals it is our duty to reaffirm the benefits to regular physical activity. One of the most important benefits undoubtedly is mental health and wellbeing.

Exercise is scientifically proven to help people channel frustrations, anxiety and other daily stresses better. Without going into to much scientific detail if you exercise you automatically feel better about yourself. The feeling of your muscles working, and the sweat dripping of your nose is a natural human function – you need these sensations. And ask yourself the question now… how do I feel after exercise? And how do you feel when you dont exercise?  

Change Your Views & Approach To Exercise

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