Eased Up on Your Training Recently? Here's Why That's No Bad Thing

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Another week of staying at home and GHN hopes that you are managing to remain fit, healthy, and well, and that your friends and family are also well.

Our latest blog comes with information why easing up on your training is not a bad thing, as well some H.I.I.T & S.I.I.T aerobic workouts to try at home. 


As the country settles into a new daily routine, it can be hard to work out how and when your regular training plan fits in.

While social media might suggest that every person and their PT is starting the day with 100 clap press-ups, for many people the last four weeks will have been dominated by getting to grips with the reality of having the kids home all day, sharing "office space" with their partners, or grappling to understand all the latest government guidelines.

If you haven't been crushing it in your makeshift living-room gym every morning, however, that might not be a bad thing.

In a study by the University of Tokyo, people who scheduled three-week breaks during a six-month muscle-building programme or weightloss programme made similar long-term gains to those who worked continuously. While one group of athletes followed a steady 24-week plan, the other alternated six weeks of regular training with three weeks of "detraining" working at a notably reduced effort level. Both groups experienced similar muscle hypertrophy at the end.

So, if your effort over the last four weeks has amounted to little more than a walk around the park and some half-hearted bodyweight squats, don't sweat it.

And when you're ready for the "retraining" period? Check out GHN's previous two blog posts, where we have posted regular zero-kit, muscle-building workouts and doing a live-stream questions & answers session with GHN sponsored athletes Tom Peers, John Tamas & Jo Prosser.

Home Workout - Aerobic Training

10 - 20 Minutes High Intensity Or

20 - 40 Minutes Slow Intensity

1.Timed Garden Shuttle Runs - Shuttle runs are a popular training technique for sports which involve short bursts of speed. They help develop your acceleration, speed and your anaerobic fitness. Firstly, place a marker at 10 metres (m), 20m, and 30m. Run to the 10m mark first, touching the floor and running back to the start line. Then run to the 20m line and back. Finally run to the 30m line and back. Start the routine again and repeat four times.
2.Shadow Boxing - Shadow boxing is when a person moves around by themself throwing punches at the air. Shadowboxing is a popular exercise for conditioning muscles, warm-up or warm down during a workout
2.1.Home Punch Bag Session
3.Skipping Rope Routines
4.Pyramid Sprinting On The Spot - Begin by running on the spot, then gradually increase your speed until you are sprinting. Pump your arms as fast as you can and lift your knees up to your chest, high and fast. Keep your abdominals engaged.
5.Weighted Wheelbarrow Garden Shuttles - Wheelbarrow shuttles offer a serious conditioning challenge. The exercises are similar to Farmer's Walks, but the instability you must control adds a unique core control element.
7.Spin/Wattbike Session
8.Rowing/Ski Erg Sessions
9. Lamp Post Jog/Sprint - Jog/Sprint to a lamp post, walk to the next lamp post. Repeat for 20 - 30 minutes focusing on speed and brisk recovery walks.
10. Wall Sprints - Allow you to "sprint" without actually running, which helps you get used to the feel of the "power line" position, where your head, shoulders, hips, knees and ankles all form a line that's angled about 45 degrees from the ground. This position is the ideal form to propel yourself forward and allow your muscles to exert maximum power. And since you're not covering any ground, Wall Drills let you focus on the movement itself, helping you develop muscle memory.

Eased Up on Your Training Recently? Here's Why That's No Bad Thing

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