How to Apply Protein to Your Weight Loss Plan

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Chances are, you know that eating protein makes you feel fuller for longer. But it can also maintain your weight loss effort, aiding your workouts to build fat-frying lean muscle mass & reducing that pang to eat – feed me!

However, some of us may have gotten into a rut, reaching for just a few primary sources of protein. This is bound to cause taste bud fatigue, not to mention deny your body of health-boosting nutrients present in high-protein foods you’re missing.

Rather than stick with the oh-so-boring grilled chicken and egg routine, GHN have pulled together some high protein diet foods for weight loss, covering every food category. Whether you’re a dairy devotee, vegetarian or a fish fanatic, check out our list below. For more ways to add protein to your diet, read our latest blog – it’s packed with useful information, including three ways to add protein to your breakfast, top choices for breakfast on the go, high protein snack ideas to enjoy on the move and much more.

Protein For Weight Loss Foods


100g Contains 3g Protein - 23 Calories

Spinach isn’t called Popeye’s favourite veggie for nothing. As well being rich in protein, this superfood also contains vitamins A and C, antioxidants and heart-healthy folate. Just 30g spinach has almost as much protein as a hard-boiled egg – for half the calories. Make sure you steam your spinach rather than eating it raw. By cooking it in this way, it helps preserve vitamins, making it easier for the body to absorb the vegetables calcium content. You could add a handful to a vanilla Diet Protein Plus smoothie, omelettes, soups and stir-fries, or simply steam it for a few minutes and garnish with garlic, olive oil and a squeeze of lime or lemon juice.


110g Contains 14g Protein - 213 Calories

Just 110g of sundried tomatoes packs in 14g protein, 12g dietary fibre and around 1,500mg potassium, the latter of which is essential for heart health and tissue repair. Not only that, sun dried tomatoes are high in vitamins A and K. Why not add some onto a pizza or use them as a tangy addition to salads? It’s a brilliant food for adding to your weight loss nutrition plan.


100g Contains 5g Protein - 81 Calories

Did you know? Peas contain around eight times more protein than 30g of spinach and nearly 100 percent of your daily value of vitamin C. Even Popeye would do a double take! Add them into an omelette to boost the protein from the eggs or use them in a tasty salad.


100g Contains 26g Protein - 250 Calories

When you fancy a steak or burger, plump for grass-fed beef. Your wallet may take a hit, but it’ll also help dent your abs. Grass-fed beef is naturally leaner with less calories than regular meat. It’s also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, thought to reduce the risk of heart disease.


100g Contains 26g Protein - 143 Calories

Contrary to popular belief, pork is becoming a popular, healthier alternative – so long as you select the right cut. Plump for pork tenderloin, as it has slightly less fat than a skinless chicken breast. With 26g protein per 100g serving plus waist-whittling choline (around the same as a medium egg), the amino acid profile of pork protein may contribute to greater fat burning.


100g Contains 20g Protein - 160 Calories

Whilst you may be concerned by salmon’s seemingly high calorie and fat content, don’t be. In fact, oily fish could be one of the best foods for weight loss. Since wild salmon is leaner than farmed (which is plumped up on fish meal), this high-protein fish makes a truly great dish!


100g Contains 23g Protein - 99 Calories

If you’re on a budget, one source to add to your high protein diet menu is canned light tuna – it’s one of the most affordable fish for weight loss. Canned tuna harvested from the smallest fish is considered “low mercury” and can – and should – be enjoyed two to three times a week. Why not serve it with some salad or mix into an omelette for a delicious hit of protein?


Contain between 20g and 25g protein per serving, around 200g calories per shake.

Don’t want the hassle of extra meal prep? Protein shakes are a no-nonsense way to add extra protein to your diet. Whether you’re a casual dieter wanting to lose a few pounds or a hard-core athlete in the middle of training, a protein shake can’t replace a balanced diet, but it can be a healthier alternative than reaching for convenience food. We have a fantastic range of weight management protein powders up for grabs, including Diet Protein Plus, Ultimate Competition Whey  and Ultimate Vegan Meal Replacement.

Adding protein shakes to your diet to help with weight loss can be achieved in numerous ways, and you should stick with what works best for you. You could even try making your own protein powder in a blender or add our protein powders to your own shakes.

How to Apply Protein to Your Weight Loss Plan

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