Staying Home, But Keeping Fit & Healthy

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First and foremost, everybody here at GHN hopes that you are managing to remain fit, healthy, and well, and that your friends and family are also well.

Our latest blog comes with information on things you can do to maintain your routine as best you can from home, including some exclusive exercises.

Also how to support your immune system, and plenty of additional advice for you and your loved ones.

How To Start Working Out At Home

An effective at-home workout starts with preparation. If you want to feel your best and achieve results from your training, a good preparation plan is really important. Here are some things you can do to hit the ground running.

Many at-home workouts can be done with bodyweight exercises, so it’s not essential to purchase a huge amount of equipment. With that in mind, having a few pieces of equipment can give you more options for training and it can allow for your workouts to include a bit more variety too.

Plan out which workout you are going to complete and the day you plan to do it. That way, you are less likely to skip training or only exercise when it's convenient.

Ultimately, working out at home will be successful if you put the effort into your training. If "staying at home" Or "self-isolating" is holding you back from your regular exercise routine, take advantage of being able to work out from your home.

woman performing plank exercise

Question: How to maintain your strength and muscle when you can't go to the gym?

Whether your gym's closed or not, official guidance around the world is that we should all stay at home as much as possible, avoiding any unnecessary social interaction or travel during the coronavirus pandemic.

This has posed something of a challenge for gym fans and specifically, those with a penchant for weightlifting and resistance training.

While runners can still run, cyclists can still cycle, and yogis can still flow from their living rooms, when your preferred method of training is picking up and putting down really heavy things, working out while self-isolating is a little more difficult.

However, you don't need to fear losing all those hard-earned gains - You won't suddenly lose all your muscle.

If you've been working hard to build muscle and strength, you may be stressing out about not being able to go to the gym, but don't panic.
Strength and aerobic conditioning are actually pretty resilient and they stay pretty consistent up till a four-week lay-off, after which we start to see a decline, so don't panic!. You can absolutely delay and then mitigate that decline by keeping going with your resistance work as much as possible.

woman doing press ups

Be mindful of your diet

To maintain your lean muscle or muscle mass, you need to make sure you're maintaining a sufficiently high protein intake.

GHN body transformation coaches Leon Levesley and Yvette Geary recommend aiming for 2g of protein per kg of body weight. So if you weigh 70kg, you should be trying to consume 140g of protein every day.

And if you want to maintain your current body composition for example - body fat level, you might want to have a look at how much food you're consuming overall if you're being less active than usual. If activity levels drop then we should be mindful of this. Especially if we're living from stockpiled food.

A protein intake of 2g per kg of body weight is sufficient to maintain your muscle mass, but be reasonably mindful of the other macronutrients [carbs and fat] if you are staying indoors for 14 days.

Together with portion control and meal planning to save your food stockpile, GHN can also recommend the use of our products that can assist in muscle maintenance, muscle growth and muscle recovery:

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Home Workout - Upper Body

10 - 15 Reps Per Exercise

3 - 6 Sets Per Exercise


1.Plank Tap
2.Forearm Plank Reach Out
3.1.Floor Push Ups
3.2. Decline Chair Push Ups
3.3. Incline Chair Push Ups
4.Triceps Chair Dips
5.Plank With Spinal Rotation
6. Plank Jacks
7.Superman With Arm Extension
8.Burpee With Push-up
9.Shadow Boxing (With Or Without Weights)
10. Resistance Band Shoulder Press - Instead of using dumbbells
11. Hose Pipe Rows - Instead of using a TRX


man using trx


Staying Home, But Keeping Fit & Healthy

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