Top 5 Supplements To Help Achieve Your Summer Body

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It's an old cliche but, summer bodies are made in the winter. At GHN we've listed 15 reasons why training regularly during the winter will positively help you achieve your summer body goals. We've also listed 5 GHN products you should take in conjunction with your training & nutritional plans.

Here are the 15 winter training benefits –

  • Increased Blood flow and circulation to all the arteries and veins – the body has to use and switch on its internal radiator.
  • Burn more energy and fat stores – due to more energy being required to heat up the body’s core temperature.
  • The body’s immune system is tested against the cold and therefore has to improve itself.
  • Cooler temperatures than summer for outdoor exercise = less sweat/smell!
  • We can offset and balance the damage done by christmas treats and family meals.
  • Embracing the outdoors and remembering nature is our friend, not the enemy.
  • Reducing the risk of injury for trips and falls on icy paths – by strengthening the body, using daily workouts.
  • Improved cardiovascular system – from breathing in cold, crisp air and using outdoor training workouts.
  • Increased mental strength and robustness.
  • New beliefs about working out can be achieved “when the going gets tough”.
  • The body will be ready for skiing / active holiday at a moment’s notice.
  • Improved chances of better workout – because you have to push yourself physically harder to get warmer in the cold.
  • Increased chance of enjoying an indoor gym and the benefits of this type of training e.g. weights / TRX / group classes.
  • Increased resting metabolism – due to tapping into the bodies reserves in the cold.
  • Improves the mind by lifting the mood when it’s darker or cloudier in winter.

In the summer, the sun shines and ideally we all want to book a holiday & hit the beach, showing more skin than usual and wanting to ooze confidence in our bodies. The perfect ‘summer-body’ is a ‘must-have’ in the months of June, July and August.

The optimal way to achieve the perfect summer body is, of course, eating well throughout the year, working out regularly, staying hydrated and minimising alcohol consumption.

However, if you’ve left it a little last-minute to put the extra effort into achieving your summer body goals or would like a boost, then the following 5 GHN supplements can help you achieve your summer body goals:

GHN FAT BURNERSare an optimum formulation of the strongest and most effective weight-loss and energy boosting ingredients available. When used synergistically with a sensible diet and exercise program, GHN Fat Burners can propel your energy levels and help you achieve your physique goals.  

GHN CLA SOFTGELSis a potent antioxidant and together with a sensible diet and moderate exercise, may help reduce body fat, help maintain weight-loss and retain lean muscle mass.

GHN BLAZE - is a bespoke & innovative new formulation packed with effective levels of active fat loss support and well being enhancement compounds. Why take a variety of different supplements when you can get them all and more. 

GHN Ultimate Competition Whey - is designed to transport highly bioavailable protein for an efficient and rapid uptake to stimulate muscle protein synthesis. It contains high levels of naturally-occurring BCAAs which are vital in the manufacture, maintenance, and repair of muscle tissue.

GHN Diet Protein Plus - this advanced formula is designed to support both the building of muscle and effectively aid fat loss. It can be used as healthier meal replacement. 


Top 5 Supplements To Help Achieve Your Summer Body

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