5 Benefits of Vegan Protein Powder?

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Almost everywhere we look, there are vegan options. And with the health beneficial diet containing no animal products, it’s proved to be one of the most talked-about issues in the food industry over the last few years.

Vegan ‘sausage’ rolls even caused a stir this year, with everyone’s favourite marmite man Piers Morgan stating his distaste (quite literally) to the product.

You may not even have known vegan protein powder was a thing, but the revolutionary product is set to transform the way vegans are able to exercise and body build.

Without further ado, we’ve put together a list of five benefits to using vegan protein powder, so come and take a look.

It could be better for your digestive system

Traditional shakes and proteins can be heavy on the lactose front, with the increase in milk and similar items causing stomach distress in some users.

They can also feel bloated and gassy, neither of which are ideal when you’re wanting to work out in busy gyms.

This is where the vegan option comes in handy, with the natural ingredients easier on the digestive system, helping you to get all the benefits of protein, without the nasty side effects.

You’re helping the environment

Not only are you avoiding any cruelty to animals which many of our most popular proteins come from, but being vegan is actually better for the environment.

You’ll be cutting the dangerous greenhouse gas emissions, that is mainly down to the way we currently raise, slaughter and transport animals. This accounts for over half of the annual greenhouse gas emissions, so by cutting down on the meat we eat, will also preserve this beautiful planet we live on.

We can also preserve habitats of animals by going vegan, leading to less creatures becoming extinct a cut in the deforestation of our rainforests.

It tastes great!

A common misconception between those non-vegans is that the products simply don’t taste nice…not true.

In fact, vegan food can be some of the most flavourful and tasty on the market, not to mention they are filled with healthy and much-needed nutrients.

Our products feature a unique blend and come in a choice of two flavours…Dark Cocoa or Mixed Berry – meaning no more flavourless powders that feel like a chore drinking.

It can speed up weight loss

Perfect for those who want to tone up, there is minimal carbohydrates and fats in our GHN Vegan Protein Isolate.

Consumers will, therefore, benefit from all the protein they need, without the need to work extra hard in the gym to burn off any excess fat that may come with normal protein.

The high levels of protein per serving will also leave you feeling less hungry at other times of the day, discouraging the need to consume snacks outside of mealtimes.

No animals are harmed

Lastly, one of the main benefits of vegan products which we at GHN feel will massively resonate with our audience is the fact that no animals are harmed in the making of Vegan products such as our protein. Our vegan range is 100% cruelty-free and we can’t wait to expand our collection even further!

5 Benefits of Vegan Protein Powder?

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