Fitness Resolutions - How To Stay Inspired & Motivated!

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"Get Fit" & “Get Healthy” may have been one of your 2022 New Year’s resolutions...

but we get it. It’s hard. With a busy schedules and sometimes absolutely no motivation, how do you commit to fit? We say, leave it to the experts. GHN & our fitness professionals have compiled 10 ways you can commit to your fitness resolutions this year.

Just remember to bookmark this blog and read it every time you’re in need of a bit of inspiration! Or feel free to approach one of our friendly & knowledgeable athlete professionals who would gladly help you... At GHN your fitness goals are our fitness goals! 

1. Train First Thing in the Morning

We know you mean well when you say you plan to work out later. But after a day of work, socialising and more, it just doesn’t happen. That’s why Personal Trainer John Tamas says you should work out early in your day.

John Says: “Prioritise your training, wake up early, and make the time to just get it done. You’ll feel fantastic to have the rest of your day ahead with training already complete."

2. Know Your Why… and What, How and Who

According to Ryta Wise, body transformation coach, your best bet to get fit this year is to discover your fitness goals, more specifically your why, what, how and who. The why determines what your reason is for starting your fitness plan, what makes you investigate your goals, how requires you to sit down and write down your goals and the who means you must surround yourself with like-minded people to keep you on track.

3. Break Your Exercise Goals Down in Small Steps

Working out doesn’t have to be a scary feat. Instead, start small. “The more small steps you have the easier it is to make it more manageable and doable,” says Victoria Steede who is a nationally recognised celebrity personal trainer. To get started she suggests you try bodyweight exercises and follow these 5 easy steps to progress... 

  • INCREASE REPS - One of the simpler, yet effective ways of encouraging muscle growth using bodyweight exercises is to increase the reps you're doing.


4. Publicise Your Goal

Putting your fitness goals out there on social media helps make you a lot more accountable. At least, that’s what Steve Christie says. “Share your fitness plan with friends and family so that you’re more likely to stick with it. If you are brave enough to share your goals on social media, even better. And don’t forget to post about your progress too!” But then again, don’t we share just about everything on social media anyway? This task shouldn’t be too hard, fun in fact!

5. Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Inspiration isn’t just found on a Pinterest board. Motivation is actually your social circle.  believes in a balanced approach to health, fitness, well-being and life. Naturally, Clare Edmond thinks friendship is a key necessity to fitness. “You are the product of the 5 people you spend the most time with, so befriend the gymaholic you know and join in with classes or a club for something you might enjoy. If all your mates are going to the pub after work every day, you’re unlikely to go to an exercise class. But if your friends are going to the gym or run club, you will naturally want to go too. Use the human psyche to your advantage.”

6. Remember This is Your Life, Not a Fad

Remember, working out is a lot more than looking good. Mark Gaunt is a fitness professional of 5+ years and says that, “a fitness routine shouldn’t be perceived as a chore or as recreation, it is more therapeutic. Therefore, goals should be measured by what the individual is capable of and not by any public figure or media outlet. Work from the inside out, train your movements not your body, fuel your body instead of feeding your body.” We’re all about that kind of self love!

7. Focus On A Life Change

Sometimes, making the time to work out is about changing your attitude. Marissa Balfe is a pro fitness athlete, fitness model, and entrepreneur who knows what she’s talking about in the realm of fitness. And Marissa says that getting ready to work out is all in your mind.

“Change the mindset to ‘this is part of your new routine vs exchanging your calorie burn for class compared to what you’re eating. Yes, this is scientific less calories in vs more burnt, however if you focus on this as an overall life change vs a tick for tat you’re more likely to commit and make it a long lasting habit.” A hard habit to break, but a more healthy one for sure!

8. Make Exercise Fun!

Running on a treadmill is super good for you, but it can get boring really fast. Laura Armitage is a online coach, says exercise should be enjoyable! “Make exercise fun. The body was designed to move and the more enjoyable exercise is to you, the more likely you will be to stay physically active on a regular basis.”

Laura suggests to take classes you like outside or your typical gym regimen... “Think of activities you enjoy doing that just happen to also get your body moving. Or, perhaps there’s an activity you’ve been wanting to try but haven’t taken that step yet. Go ahead and put it on your calendar and invite a friend to join you. When the goal is Fun First, your brain will embrace living a physically active lifestyle.”

9. Make Your Fitness Locations Convenient

Have you ever wanted to avoid the gym simply because the traffic to get there was unbearable? Or maybe that awesome spin class is on the other side of town! “If you’re going to ‘join’ a gym/studio or other organised activity, be sure to choose a location that is easy to get to, that won’t take you too far out of your way (especially if it’s a daily or 3x week sort of thing),” says men's physique competitor, Mark Birch. “You’ll be more likely to keep it up if it’s “on the way home or on the way to work” than if you have to make a special trip.”

10. Be Realistic With Your Goals

Working out and eating well is all fine and good, but it’s not very sustainable if you’re setting goals that are too far out of reach, at least that’s what Rochelle Scott, Amanda Potter & Carly Merritt say. Adopting new, holistic fitness programs that combines proven training methodologies are almost certain to help you achieve your goals. 

They explain that “setting yourself up for success with realistic and long-term goals is of the upmost importance. The ability to conquer big challenges is developed through defeating smaller ones along the way. Setting modest goals and crushing them one by one will also build up your confidence. Using examples like eating a healthy breakfast every morning or trying a new fitness class once a month are simple, yet attainable fitness goals.

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Fitness Resolutions - How To Stay Inspired & Motivated!

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